RFID Chip Guide

There are various chips based on different frequency or protocol,pls check the following details for your reference, which can guide you choose the right chip.

Chip Model Storage Capacity Frequency Features
TK4100/GK4001 No 125Khz Read only
EM4100/EM4102/EM4200 No 125Khz Read only
T5557 330bits 125Khz Can set read and write password.
T5577 363bits 125Khz Can set read and write password.
EM4205/4305 512bits 125Khz/134.2Khz Can set read and write password.
MIFARE Classic EV1 1k (S50) 1K Bytes 13.56Mhz 16 sectors.

4 blocks each sector.

16 bytes each block.

6 bytes code.
Each sector has a separate password.

MIFARE Classic EV1  4K (S70) 4K Bytes 13.56Mhz 40 sectors.

The previous 32 sectors have 4 blocks,

16 bytes each block.

6 byte codes.

Each sector has a separate password.

FM11RF08 1K Bytes 13.56Mhz 16 sectors.
4 blocks each sector.16 bytes each block.6 bytes code.Each sector has a separate password.
Ultralight 512bits 13.56Mhz 16 pages, 4 bytes per page, no password, can be set to read-only.
Desfire D21/D41/D81 2K/4K/8K Bytes 13.56Mhz 8 bytes secret key, unable to read.
I CODE SLI-S 2Kbits 13.56Mhz 16 pages, 4 blocks each page, 4 bytes each block, 4 bytes password, ISO15693 16 pages 4 pieces of each page Each 4 bytes 4 bytes password ISO15693 agreement.
Ntag213/215/216 144/504/888 Bytes 13.56Mhz Data transfer of 106 kbit/s;
Write endurance 100.000 cycles;
Field programmable read-only locking function;Configurable password protection with optional limit of unsuccessful attempts.
CPU card 8K/16K/32K Bytes 13.56Mhz Smart Cards, flexible application, can be set up according to application size, 8 bytes or 16 bytes key unable to read.
Alien_Higgs-3 TID: 64bit
EPC: 96bit
(extendable )
User: 512bit
32 Bit Access and 32 bit Kill Passwords
860-960MHz The number of EPC+USER is fixed;
Pre-Programmed with a unique, unalterable 64-bit serial number; User Memory can be Block Perma-Locked as well as read password protected in 64 Bit
Monza 4D TID:48bit
860-960MHz True3D™ antenna technology—two fully independent antenna ports enable the creation of tags without blind spots;

QT™ technology, featuring public and private data profiles that support confidentiality of business-sensitive data and assure consumers of privacy;


EPC global UHF Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6C  compliant custom features that facilitate inventory of hard-to-read tags and rapid access of serial numbers;

Industry’s best read and write sensitivity combined with excellent interference rejection to yield outstanding read and write reliability;

Monza 4E TID:48bit
Monza 4U TID:48bit
Monza 4QT TID:48bit
Monza 5 TID:48bit
860-960MHz Fastest encoding speed available—over 3,000 tags/minute;

Patented Safe Write™ encoding mechanism that monitors conditions for reliable writes;

48 bits serialized Tag Identifier (TID) memory for authentication and anti-cloning application support;
Fast ID™ inventory, which boosts TID-based inventory speeds by up to 2-3 times;


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