RFID Animal Ear Tag

RFID Animal Tags available in ISO RFID 125 kHz. and 134.2 kHz. for use in identification and tracking livestock, birds, fish, turtles.Current ISO RFID standards for animal tracking are 18000-2,ISO 11784 and ISO 11785.

—–ISO 11784 describes the structure and data content. If for animal use the content includes the tag manufacturers code, country code, and unique identificaton number. The country code is based on another ISO standard and the manufacturers number is assigned by ICAR (International Committe of Animal Recording).

—-ISO 11785 describes the technical aspects of the communication method between the tag and the reader. The standard can be Half Duplex (HDXS), one way communication or Full Duplex (FDX-A, FDX-B) two way communication.

Item name RFID Animal tag
Material: Imported TPU, PE, PET .etc
Model Animal Ear tag: Round: diameter 25-34.5mm, height:14-15mm;

Flag: 100*74mm,70*80mm

Animal Glass tag:

FDX-A: 1.4×8, 1.5×8, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 3×13, 3.85×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm

FDX-B: 1.4×8, 1.5×8, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 3×13, 3.85×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm

HDX: 2×12, 3×13, 3.85×23, 3.85×32, 4x34mm

Animal Piegon Tag:
Processing: Debossing number, series number, UID code, etc.
Applications: Tracking cattle/pig/sheep for Farm management. etc
Minimum QTY: 100pcs
Payment terms: By Paypal, T/T or Western Union. 100% full advance payment of the total amount

before production.

Production time: 8-12 working days after receipt of 100% advance payment (below 50,000pcs)
Delivery: By sea or air express
Packaging: Carton: 35*35*38CM (2,000pcs / per carton)

Some Chips Of RFID tag You Can Chose


LF: EM4305,TK4100, etc
HF: HITAGS or I-CODE2,MiFare 1K etc and other HF chip
UHF: Impinj M4 / Alien H3 / NXP G2XM

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